Frequently Asked Questions

What is Small World?
Small World is a software-powered integrated solution that employs a proprietary suite of technology, analytics & automation features to enable Brands to improve their own-website revenues.
How is it relevant for me/my brand?
Small World is built specially for Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle brand webstores, with the aim of delivering Revenue & Loyalty growth at a fraction of the costs paid by most brands.
How does Small World work?
Get details here
How do I know it will really work for me? I don’t have a great experience with my current platform.
Let’s talk. Drop us a message here.
What can I count on Small World to deliver?
Read about some of our success stories here
Who are the people behind it?
Our founders are a group of smart, experienced guys who have seen first hand the pain independent webstores go through when starting business. Get in touch with them.
How long has Small World been up and running?
Small World started work on its first client in February 2017
Can you guys do a demo or a pilot?
A pilot is possible for a 3-6 month period. For details and costs involved, please contact us @
How do I get in touch? Can I talk/write to someone?
Sure. Get in touch with us here
How long will it take to get me started on Small World?
Small World installation can take as little as three weeks from the time of signing of contract and sharing of information. If a website needs to be built from scratch, the timeline will shift accordingly.
Who are your customers?
Learn about our customers.
I have another question…
Sure! Write to us on or send us a query here.

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